Nationwide Warranty

Denney Jewelers is a proud member of an international network of independent retail jewelers who are all dedicated to providing excellence in service, support, and value. Through this network, we are able to offer a Lifetime Nationwide Warranty — in addition to our Forever Warranty — included at no additional charge with all of your new jewelry purchases from Denney Jewelers.

We’ll help you register all of your new jewelry items with our on-site Forever Warranty service as well as with the Nationwide Warranty program after you complete your purchase.

Whenever you are travelling or if you move away from the Springfield, Illinois area, you may continue to be confident that your important jewelry may continue to be cared for either by the expert team at Denney Jewelers or through a trusted partner across the county.

Lifetime Warranty*

Your jewelry from Denney Jewelers is fully guaranteed against all defects in materials and workmanship. Should a defect present itself, simply return it to one of our network member Preferred Jewelers with your registration card and we will repair it at no charge. Preferred Jewelers will also replace any missing diamonds–up to 0.20 ct–from your jewelry setting.

Our Nationwide Warranty will remain in effect for your jewelry at no additional charge, provided that:

1. Your jewelry is inspected and serviced at a Preferred Jeweler at least every 6 months, and has been documented in our Preferred Jewelers international database.
2. Your jewelry has not been subjected to an accident or abnormal wear.
3. Repairs to your jewelry are promptly made as recommended. After many years of wear a ring may need non warranty maintenance, which is just a small cost of preserving your valuable heirloom.

Our Nationwide Warranty includes Free Lifetime Maintenance at any Preferred Jeweler in order to maintain the beauty and longevity of your jewelry:

1. Inspect the prongs, channels and setting work.
2. Tighten any diamond or gemstone found to be loose, and straighten any bent prongs.
3. Polish and clean your jewelry.

 Find the nearest PJI member near you

* This Nationwide Warranty program does not supersede the Denney Jewelers Forever Warranty, but is an additional warranty valid in any Preferred Jeweler International retail location. With this warranty you are able to visit one of the many locations for reliable assistance when you are located too far away from Denney Jewelers. This Nationwide Warranty program is invalid should any jeweler other than those members of Preferred Jewelers International work on your jewelry.