Forever Warranty

Denney Jewelers warranties the craftsmanship of your new jewelry purchased

FOREVER, Denney Jewelers will check and clean all of your jewelry FREE of charge anytime.

FOREVER, Denney Jewelers will re-rhodium plate any white gold jewelry purchased from Denney Jewelers on site FREE of charge.

Developed as an alternative metal to platinum, white gold is not a pure white metal, but has a slight yellow tint. White gold is electroplated with another metal, rhodium, which completes the jewelry with a bright white finish. Typically, the rhodium plating will last from about six months up to two years depending on normal friction wear.

FOREVER, Denney Jewelers will guarantee your diamonds against loss from the mounting.

Loss must be due to failure of material and not damage due to outside force. Separate insurance should be purchased to cover loss, theft, mysterious disappearance and breakage or damage due to outside force.

FOREVER, Denney Jewelers will repair prong and channel settings from normal wear as needed FREE of charge.

In order to offer this high level of warranty and protection, Denney Jewelers requires that you check and clean your jewelry a minimum of every six months. If our inspection goes beyond six months, our FOREVER WARRANTY is void until the jewelry is re-inspected. Any necessary repairs are completed at the customer’s cost. The customer will be given a card that must be signed and initialed by an employee of Denney Jewelers upon inspection. After an overdue inspection is completed and if the jewelry is approved, then the FOREVER WARRANTY is re-instated at that time for another six months, but will not be retroactive before the inspection date.

In addition to our FOREVER WARRANTY, we strongly recommend purchasing additional All Risk insurance from a separate insurance company. This covers your jewelry above-and-beyond our warranty of craftsmanship, including complete loss due to theft, accidental damage, and even mysterious disappearance.

Many customers choose to schedule jewelry on a homeowner’s policy. We also recommend considering separate, jewelry-only insurance available through Jewelers Mutual at This policy, in central Illinois, only costs annually ten dollars per thousand dollars of jewelry insurance coverage.

Diamond Trade In Policy

FOREVER, Denney Jewelers will accept your diamond engagement, diamond earrings, or diamond pendants (mountings excluded) for full credit of the original diamond purchase toward a future purchase from Denney Jewelers. There are no time restrictions nor spending requirements for the trade-in, although additional labor, parts, new mountings, and modifications to existing mountings will be charged as applicable.

Nationwide Warranty

In addition to the FOREVER WARRANTY described above, Denney Jewelers offers a FREE Nationwide Warranty program through our network of trusted, locally-owned and independent jewelry retail stores. All new purchases at Denney Jewelers are eligible for this warranty service, and once registered in the international database, it will follow you around the country while you travel or if you decide to move away from the Springfield, Illinois area.

Learn more about our Nationwide Warranty Program