Find Your Ring Size

Providing our jewelry designers with an accurate measurement of your ring size is important to help ensure your ring is comfortable, enjoyable to wear everyday, and properly secure from falling off!

The most accurate method is to have our jewelers measure your finger directly. We are very particular about how to recommend the best fit for your finger, because we want to make sure it is just right for you. But, if you are not located near our store in Springfield, Illinois, we’ll send you a FREE ring sizer along with detailed instructions and measuring tips.

Simply request a free sizer below and we’ll mail it out right away!

Request Your Free Ring Sizer

What if my ring purchase is a surprise gift?

It really is best to measure the ring finger directly. However, you might try the following to obtain a close measurement…

  1. Ask a friend or relative if they know his/her finger size.
  2. Borrow a ring that he/she currently wears on the same finger. Slide the ring over a tapered candle, and use our free ring sizer to measure the same spot on the candle.
  3. There does exist a ring sizing technique where you simply print out a ring sizing diagram on a piece of paper. However, the accuracy is low and we very much do not recommend this method.

What if the size is wrong once I receive my ring?

If you are purchasing a new ring from our showroom or from a special order, and the size is not currect, we will provide one complimentary ring re-size within 30 days of purchase.

With our Custom Design process, you will have the opportunity to actually try on a preview version of your ring that has been milled in a hard wax. This preview ring will be the exact ring size of your finished piece, so you will be able to know for sure that our sizing is correct before casting of your ring has begun. If the size is not quite right when you preview the wax, we will re-mill the wax with an adjusted size at no additional charge.