The Amazing Asscher

The Asscher Cut was developed by Joseph Asscher, who was commissioned by the Royal Family to cut the world’s largest diamond in history; the 3,106ct Cullinan diamond, after which he invented the now-famous Asscher cut. This cut reached its peak of popularity in the 1920’s in very limited production. Up until 2001, the Asscher cut was a hard to come by commodity and available mostly in antique shops or from art deco jewelry dealers.  In 2001, the cut went through considerable research and development and was re-launched with new specifications and additional facets for a more brilliant shine. Asscher cuts are in demand more than ever. Almost 100 years after Joseph patented the original Asscher cut, Edward and Joop introduced the Royal Asscher cut in 2001 (named for the company from which it hails). The Royal Asscher cut has an extra break on the diamond’s pavilion, giving the diamond 74 facets, compared to the original Asscher’s 58 facets. It is known for superior light performance when compared to other step cut diamonds. This beautiful ring featuring an Asscher cut is by Tacori and available at Denney Jewelers.