STARGAZING – Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan


Mark Zuckerberg presented long-time girlfriend Priscilla Chan a less traditional engagement ring: a three stone ring, set in a platinum band, with a ruby center stone.  The custom designed ring is relatively modest and simple—not surprising when you consider the couple’s relatively low-key lifestyle.  There is more to the deep-red stone in the center of Chan’s ring than meets the eye. Although the ruby is not particularly large, it appears to be a Burmese ruby—imports of which are no longer legal in the United States. To legally secure a Burmese ruby today, one must find one available on the resale market—making those of good size and quality relatively expensive for their size. So while based on size alone (the ruby is likely between 2.75 and 3 carats) experts estimated the value of Chan’s ring at about $25,000, the ruby itself could easily be worth up to $100,000, depending on quality. Rubies are highly symbolic in Asian cultures. In the week since Chan’s choice in bridal jewelry was revealed, sales of rubies have already spiked as more brides are noticing how beautiful, unusual and symbolic they are.