Forever Warranty

Denney Jewelers warranties the craftsmanship of your new jewelry purchased

FOREVER, Denney Jewelers will check and clean all of your jewelry FREE of charge anytime.

FOREVER, Denney Jewelers will re-rhodium plate any white gold jewelry purchased from Denney Jewelers on site FREE of charge.

Developed as an alternative metal to platinum, white gold is not a pure white metal, but has a slight yellow tint. White gold is electroplated with another metal, rhodium, which completes the jewelry with a bright white finish. Typically, the rhodium plating will last from about six months up to two years depending on normal friction wear.

FOREVER, Denney Jewelers will guarantee your diamonds against loss from the mounting.

Loss must be due to failure of material and not damage due to outside force. Separate insurance should be purchased to cover loss, theft, mysterious disappearance and breakage or damage due to outside force.

FOREVER, Denney Jewelers will repair prong and channel settings from normal wear as needed FREE of charge.

In order to offer this high level of warranty and protection, Denney Jewelers requires that you check and clean your jewelry a minimum of every six months. If our inspection goes beyond six months, our FOREVER WARRANTY is void until the jewelry is re-inspected. Any necessary repairs are completed at the customer