A Charm for Every Unforgettable Memory

For decades, Denney Jewelers has offered the highest-quality in precious metal charms to help your commemorate the most important moments in your life. We have just expanded our collection with even more designs for you to browse through in the store, in addition to the thousands available for quick special order. Perfect for Mother’s Day,...

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Oldest bit of Earth is a Zircon

A tiny zircon crystal found by geoscience researchers in the Jack Hills region of Australia (view map) has been confirmed to be the oldest found piece of Earth. Using two methods of dating the ages of atoms inside the crystal, the team clocked the mini-gem in at 4.4 billion years old, which is just a...

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Black Friday Special!

This year at Denney Jewelers we are having our first Black Friday special event! We will be open our regular hours of 10 am through 8 pm and will give away a FREE freshwater pearl stretch bracelet to everyone who visits the store and fills out a Dream Card to record your holiday wishes for...

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