Still Looking for a Great Halloween Costume? How About This $1.6 Million Morphsuit Featuring 20,000 Diamonds?

Still looking for the ultimate Halloween costume? How about the world’s most expensive Morphsuit featuring 20,000 diamonds? The British company that makes those crazy, colorful head-to-toe spandex Morphsuits recently added a diamond-studded edition that carries a price tag of £1 million (or $1.6 million for those of us on this side of the pond).


Called “The Million Pound Morph,” the design uses a grey spandex costume as a base, which is then painstakingly covered with precious gems to create a scintillating effect. It takes 1,000 man-hours to attach the gemstones.

“All our suits are very reasonably priced, but with this one we just wanted to have fun, do something crazy, eye-catching and really good looking,” Gregor Lawson, co-founder of Morphsuits, told the Daily Mail. “This costume is the Mercedes Benz of Morphsuits.”


Like all the Morphsuits in the line of 200 designs, the diamond version will fit like a glove. The all-in-one suit is made from breathable fabric, which is easy to see through and drink through even though the face is covered.


The company, started by three Edinburgh University graduates four years ago, has skyrocketed to success. It now has more than 1.3 million followers on Facebook and does about $7.2 million in sales annually.

Co-founder Fraser Smeaton said in an interview that “Morphsuit” was selected as the name of the company because “everyone who wore [a suit] morphed into a more fun version of themselves.”


A standard suit costs about $79, and accessories now include sweatbands and colorful wigs.