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Rembrandt Charms at Denney Jewelers




Oldest Bit of Earth - Zircon

This 4.4 billion year-old bit of zircon is now confirmed to be the oldest piece of the Earth’s crust. Credit: John Valley

A tiny zircon crystal found by geoscience researchers in the Jack Hills region of Australia (view map) has been confirmed to be the oldest found piece of Earth. Using two methods of dating the ages of atoms inside the crystal, the team clocked the mini-gem in at 4.4 billion years old, which is just a mere 160 millions years after the formation of the solar system.

The discovery is leading to new ideas as to how the young Earth may have cooled down from a molten blob much earlier than previous understood. Leading the research was John Valley, a University of Wisconsin geoscience professor who published their findings in the journal Nature Geoscience (read more), reported how they used a technique known as atom-probe tomography to measured the mass of individual atoms of lead in the crystal. This was used as a second, independent measurement that confirmed the more widely-used test of dating through radioactive decay of uranium atoms that also marked the 4.4 billion year dating.

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infinity by Denney Blue Zircon Soliatire Ring

Blue zircon solitaire ring designed and crafted a Denney Jewelers.

The zircon gemstone is one of the most interesting and prettiest gems as it can be found in a wide range of colors including yellow, red, orange, brown, a variety of greens, and especially a beautiful sky blue. Zircon also displays a surface luster and a sparkle due to the refraction of light that is very similar to these qualities in diamond. The blue zircon is a birthstone for December and can be featured as the centerpiece for stunning jewelry.

Discover more jewelry styles and ideas that we can craft for you from our infinity by Denney jewelry line to feature the blue zircon gemstone … and own a little piece of Earth’s history and beauty.






_G1C2555.CR2Congratulations to Carrie and Bill, our Most Romantic Couple 2014!

Bill and Carrie were married in June, 1968 at the height of the Vietnam war.  Bill was finishing his Bachelor’s Degree.  Little did they know how hard it would be to find jobs, even with a college degree, due to the huge number of people in our generation.  So on they went through more  years of college…a Masters followed by a Ph.D. in 1976…eight years after they were married and the birth of our only son, Josh, in 1973.  Those years of living on a shoestring budget made them stronger.  They were years of fun and busy times, making friends along the way at two universities. They have been in Springfield since 1977 and live in the first and only home they ever owned.  

What is romance?  In Carrie’s words, “It’s 45 years of me not having to make breakfast on Sunday, because he does.  He makes fantastic pizzas.  The only cleaning duty he really dislikes is dusting…he’s the one who steams the floors!  He truly can fix almost anything!  He’s kind and generous and caring.  He’ll back my car out of the garage so I don’t have to do that.  In bad weather, I get dropped off at the door of wherever we’re going.  He’ll go to the store for the forgotten ingredient, even if it’s inconvenient with his plans.  He has the patience of the proverbial “saint”. He’s a wonderful husband and Dad and Grandpa.  I pray that God continues to bless us with good health and happiness for many years to come!”

Our Most Romantic Couple 2014 won a $1000 gift certificate to Denney Jewelers, a tiara, 24 Gold Long Stem Rose and Lapel Pin and a gift basket.  Enter our 2015 Most Romantic Couple Contest now at and Share your Love Story! 

_G1C2537.CR2Congratulations also go to Melissa and Jamie our People’s Choice 2014. The People’s Choice winners received a $500 gift certificate and a gift basket. House shopping is tedious and at times frustrating, so when Jamie put an offer down on a house and it fell through, they decided to revisit a house they had seen earlier that seemed to have a lot of potential.  When they went back to the house, they realized how great it was.  Unbeknownst to Melissa, Jamie put an offer on the house the next day.  It was accepted. One night in February 2013 they drove by the dream house, and saw a “sold” sign out front.  Teasingly Melissa said “you bought it didn’t you?”…awkwardness ensued and Jamie pretended to feel guilty about “letting the house slip away”. The day after he closed on the house in March, he took Melissa back to the house, saying the “sale” fell through and they might have a chance at it.  After a lot of nervous and fast-talking, rushing her through every room (because he was video taping), and a very frustrated boy because she wouldn’t cooperate by going upstairs, he finally got her up to the third floor.  With music playing, a heart of white Christmas lights, and a key hanging from the light in the ceiling, Melissa quickly realized he had bought the house and a proposal was soon to follow.  Thank you to everyone who shared their story and voted on our online poll.

 warmow101_transparent We would also like to thank Tony Boston of Superior Sound and Entertainment for providing the music for the evening.  Gene and Sharon Weiser for their dance instruction and Warmowski Photography for capturing the evening with outstanding photography.  To view the entire album, please like the Denney Jewelers Facebook Album. Finally, a big thank you to everyone who attended the event and  to all of our finalists and thank you for Sharing the Love.




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